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Philco Concert Grand - 1930
Philco Concert Grand Radio Phonograph
Only 300 were made in 1930/1931
This one was restored a few years ago and is in good working
condition, both the radio and phonograph. The cabinet is made to
go in a corner of a room and includes two tilt out record storage
Cedar Chest Radio from the
Muchow Auction
This radio was sold at the Muchow Auction in 2001 for $2,900.
The radio was made by the Pacific Radio Corp. of Chicago and the
cedar chest by Dillingham of Sheboygan Wis. This is the only cedar
chest radio we have been able to locate on line. The radio works but
not very well. The cabinet shows overall wear.     Our Price $995.00
Telefunken Opus 7
This large table top radio works well and sounds
great. The cabinet has a couple of dings on the
side, but it still shows well and sounds terrific on
both AM & FM bands                                  
Radio shaped like Grand Piano - Jacob Bros - c. 1930
Rare Grand Piano Radio Phonograph Combo made
by Jacobs Bros  of NY
Radio Not tested - Original Phono not present but
replacement is included but not installed or
2 Very Rare Radios
Shaped like a Grand Piano
Corner Radio shaped like a Piano - Pierson Radio - c 1930
Rare Corner Radio shaped like Piano
by Pierson Radio of Rockford c. 1930
Radio Not Tested - Speaker could be
a replacement                     
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Custom Radio Cabinet
Custom Cabinet made by Professional
Cabinet Maker in the 1930's for himself.
Radio is not working               
This piece is partly visible in this photo from the Muchow  Auction.
Lower right. Note the small piece of veneer missing from grill fretwork.
Compare to enlargement of the photo above
Yes, we have the knobs for both of these radios. I forgot to put them
on before taking the pictures. We keep the knobs locked up for safety.